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One more moment…

July 17, 2013

Punky, Boomer, and Payton




Smokey, I wish that one more time I could bring you up from your pen and put you under the big Bradford Pear tree and give you some loving.  I know you loved that softball; I’d toss it for you to grab and chew on and then you would wait for it to be tossed again.  Once more I’d love to see Cindy or Ali sit beside you and brush your hair, you loved the attention.  I wish that one more time we could scratch your head and see your loving eyes showing your appreciation.  Your gentle kind nature made you so easy to love.

Payton, I wish that one more time I could take you meat scraps and feed them to you.  I remember coming home from work late at night and seeing your glowing eyes looking up the driveway, hoping I would come pet you.  Did I ever let you down? No I didn’t, and just one more time of walking to your pen in the darkness and greeting you with some loving knowing you would rather give love than receive it.  One more game of keep away with the ball or Frisbee; Cindy, you, and me playing the game you loved.  Your short life will be long lived in our hearts.

Punky, one more game of chase would do my heart wonders.  How you loved for someone to kick that little ball for you to chase.  You would run and get it and bring it back and drop it at our feet.  And then your intent little eyes watching that ball until someone would kick it for you to chase again, if I could have just one more kick at that ball.  One more view of you walking directly behind Cindy following her through the house, how you loved your Mommy, would make me smile.  One more view of you racing out the back door barking but trying to stop yourself on the concrete before you reached the grass would bring us joy.

Boomer, one more experience of trying to find you as we are getting ready to leave, not knowing where you are, I would cherish doing that.  Saying the word fire and watching your antics would bring a grin to our face.  To be able to watch you race the other dogs out the door and across the yard to see who can get to the far corner first, just once more.  Or how about bed time, allowing you on the bed only to have you nudge your nose under the covers and make your way down beside my body, how I miss that.  One more moment of you snuggling in our laps soaking up some love, returning your unconditional love, just one more moment.

As I wipe the tears from my cheeks my memories of you all will always and forever fill my heart.  You each have brought us your own special love filled personalities and left us with those special memories.  As the four of you tumble and play together in Doggie Heaven I trust you reflect on us and the special things we did to bring you joy during your lives.  If we could have just one more moment…..


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