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The Great Escape

June 26, 2013

My name is Boomer

Many years ago we used to frequent the local Dairy Queen.  We would typically go on a summer evening for a cool refreshing treat.  Cindy enjoyed the waffle cones and I would usually get a blizzard of some flavor.  Well, one evening we decided we wanted to go get a Dairy Queen.  Boomer loved going for car rides.  Before I continue I must tell you that Boomer is not your average dog.  You’ll see some dogs riding with their masters in the car and they have their head out the window with their tongue flapping in the wind.  Other dogs will be sitting in their masters lap watching the scenery go by.  Other dogs will sit quietly in the seat and occasionally pop their head up and look out the window.  Boomer on the other hand would get so excited and spastic when he took a car ride.  He was like a hamster on the spinning wheel.  He had to look out every window in turn and visit every individual in the car, and make that sequence repeatedly.  He couldn’t just sit still and enjoy the ride.  So needless to say he didn’t get to take as many car rides as he wished he could.  So, you get the idea.  Ok, back to the trip to Dairy Queen.  This particular evening we decided we’d torture ourselves and take Boomer with us to the Dairy Queen.  So the 3 of us got into the vehicle, a smaller sized SUV, and off we go.  And as usually Boomer began his antics, afraid he was going to miss something he began his window running.  Driver side rear window check, passenger side rear window check, over the back seat rear window check, up front with Mommy window check, Daddy window check, “Boomer NO, get in the back, you can’t be in Daddy’s lap when he is driving”.  Back into the back seat driver side rear window check… you get the idea.  Thank goodness it was only a short drive, perhaps 5 minutes, to the Dairy Queen.  “Cindy, was this your idea to bring Boomer along?”  She responded, “You know he loves to come on car rides with us.”  “Yes, but why can’t he just be normal.  Boomer, GET DOWN!”  Finally he settles in just a little bit and spends more than 2 seconds looking out the rear passenger side window.  Then to the other window, then back to the other side, back and forth.  You could almost see the path on the back seat between the two windows.  Anyway, we get close to the Dairy Queen, and enter through the rear entrance of a parking lot of a strip shopping center to be able to circle around through the parking lot and enter the Dairy Queen’s lot.  We were conversing about the day’s events, or future events, I don’t really recall what the conversation was when suddenly Cindy said, “Boomer sure is quiet”.  She turned around to look and Boomer had magically disappeared!  “DAVE, BOOMER IS GONE” she yelled out.  I looked into the back seat and sure enough he is gone.  Panic sets in, thinking, what in the world has happened.  I happened to glance in the rear view mirror and I don’t believe what I see, there is Boomer behind us a good ways on the parking lot kind of shaking his head.  I glance at the passenger rear window and it is down, and I yell to Cindy, “Boomer jumped out of the WINDOW”.  We were not going too fast as we were in a parking lot.  But to a small dog 15MPH out of a window of a moving vehicle down to concrete, well that couldn’t be good.  The one trip we make without checking the rear window lock feature installed on the driver side window control panel just because of Boomer could turn out to be the end of Boomer, I thought.  Now keep in mind all of this is occurring in the matter of 2 seconds.  I slam on the brakes and Cindy throws open her door intent on getting to Boomer before another vehicle heads in his direction.  By this time Boomer is up and running so I think to myself either he is on an adrenalin rush and his injuries are not evident yet, or Boomer has just used up the 5th of his 9 lives he inherited from one of cats we used to own.  As Cindy is running to get Boomer he is running to the vehicle.  At this point I am remembering all the times Boomer had escaped out the door at the house and when he would do that it was off to the races time, no telling which direction he would go and how far we would have to go to attempt to catch him, he was like a wild rabbit (stories for future blogs noted here).  But this one time he didn’t bolt, he headed straight for Cindy as she headed to him and in just a few seconds Cindy had Boomer safely in her arms and back into the car.  I immediately press the button to raise and LOCK the rear windows.  Good for Boomer that the parking lot was quiet this evening.  Cindy and I look at each other, our hearts racing, shaking, “Can you believe he actually jumped out the window of this moving car?”  “Boomer, yes I believe it” was the reply.  Boomer is now sitting in Cindy’s lap, so innocent looking wondering if he is going to get the blistering of his life or not, and I know he is thinking, “Good thing we are not home cause I would be seeing the fly swatter or that nasty empty paper towel tube thingy that I tend to get on my butt often”.  We both take a deep breath and Cindy gives Boomer and quick going over looking for bones sticking out of skin, blood, discomfort as she examines him.  No signs of physical distress or injury present she says, “YOU, MISTER are one lucky dog.  Don’t you EVER scare us like that again.  David, lock that window lock”.  “Already done, Dear.”  Boomer has this look on his face like, what just happened?  I put the vehicle back into gear, maybe a total of 2 minutes have elapsed since the great escape, and we begin moving.  Boomer, back in the back seat, is up and doing his usual rear window checks so we know he is fine.  We get our Dairy Queen treats and head home.  And yes, Boomer shared in on a lick or 2 that cold creamy white ice cream we all enjoy.  Boomer we love you and miss you and think of you each time we go and get a Dairy Queen.


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