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Woo Woo Dog

June 12, 2013
Asia's favorite purch

Asia’s favorite perch

This little story is about Asia the Chichi.  She also goes by Asia Lynn when in trouble, yes she gets into trouble as well as the other dogs.  But this story is not about misbehaving, it’s about her habit or nature.  Although small in size, she doesn’t see it the way we do.  She believes she is as big as Sadie.  And she can become almost demonic at times, but I’ll save that for another story, another day.  Asia has a very different thing she does when she gets excited.  It’s really kind of funny so we enjoy hyping her up so we can witness this habit or characteristic she has.  Lets say it is dinner time for the dogs.  All the dog bowls are empty and so I go and fill the empty coffee container from the 50 pound bag of dog food.  Asia will come running as she eats her fair share, or should I say more than her fair share.  Sometimes I call her “wide load”, or “box car”, or suggest she may need a roller skate before long to assist her in getting around the house.  She would eat as much as Sadie if we let her.  But let me get back to the story at hand.  So here she comes running for dinner.  If you look at her and ask if she is hungry, her response is “wooowooooooooooo” almost like a howl but not really.  She’ll stick that nose up in the air and out it comes.  You can ask her if she wants to take a car ride and up will go the nose and out comes “wooowooooooo”.  Almost any question you ask her can elicit the response of “woooowoooooo”.   One day, Phoenix our grandson got so tickled hearing her woo woo that he called her the Woo Woo Dog.  She can woo woo almost anytime.  You might be in the other room and then enter the room Asia is in and if she gets excited the next thing you’ll hear is “woowoooowooooooo” with her nose up in the air.  Now, just hope she doesn’t get too excited.  Used to be just coming home from work, she would get excited, and if you reached down to pet her, well, loss of bladder control!  Or if you haven’t seen her in a day or two and then come home, well, loss of bladder control!  Asia now lives with her Mommy, my step-daughter.  In fact she is coming home for a visit today for a few days.  I expect when I get home from work today I best grab a roll of paper towels from the garage as I come in the door and get some ready cause I know I’ll be greeted with a “woooowoooooo” or 2 and some pee to clean up.  And there be one more dog at the dinner table tonight!


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