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Little White Balls

June 10, 2013
My name is Sadie

My name is Sadie

This one of my favorite stories to tell, but I first must set this up for you.  My stepson’s wife was getting ready to have their third child.  We decided to travel the 6 hours to be with them for the special event.  One problem, the dogs!  Do you know how much it is to board 5 dogs for 10 days?  Outta the question.  So we packed up the vehicle with Punky, Boomer, Asia, Sadie, and Bailey.  The trip there went fine.  But we had a problem.  We traveled to Jacksonville, NC and hurricane Irene was headed up the coast.  So we decided it was best if we took the other 2 grandchildren, 4-year-old Phoenix and 1-year-old Alexander, and 4 dogs.  We tragically lost Punky after arriving in Jacksonville, some other time for that incident.  So, 4 dogs in the back of our explorer and 2 kids in the back seat, suite cases and dog cages atop the SUV, and off to Charlotte we went.  Of course we selected a pet friendly hotel to stay at, thank goodness!  So we get to Charlotte and everything is fine. we get settled in, had a good evening and went to bed.  Next morning we wake up and I knew I had to get the dogs outside.  Now, we were at the end of the long hallway, good little walk to get to the exit doors.  I decided to take the little dogs out first and save Sadie for last since she was the biggest.  Of course, Phoenix had to go with Pee Paw and help as he so desires to do.  When Phoenix gets excited he doesn’t just talk, he talks fast and LOUD.  Ok, last dog, so we started up the hallway.  Things are going fine, but Sadie had this funny look on her face.  I reassure her that we will be outside in just a moment.  Remember, from the introductions posting,  that Sadie is a fraidy-cat so she was a little skittish hearing sounds coming from the rooms.  We were almost to the exit when it happened.  All the sudden a large cloud of little while balls erupted from Sadie’s butt.  PUFF – they went EVERYWHERE!  It was like an explosion.  My mouth dropped open and Phoenix got this excited funny look on his face.  As I was trying to absorb what had just happened it occurred again.  Another large puff of little white ball shot out into the air.  I thought OMG what is happening.  I mean HUNDREDS of these little white balls were everywhere in the hallway.  Phoenix began, “Pee Paw LOOK.  LOOK PEE PAW”, he began hollering.  I tried to hush Phoenix and get Sadie to the door.  But by this time she had to go poop.  I’m trying to get her toward the door, Phoenix is in amazement, I’m embarrassed, and Sadie is pooping while we run to the door.  I took a quick peek around, thank goodness nobody else was in the hall way.  So we get Sadie taken care of outside.  She seemed to feel better.  So back inside we go.  And there it was staring at me.  Hundreds, literally hundreds of little white balls everywhere.  Phoenix pointing and giggling, so excited to tell Mee Maw what had happened.  I get the poop picked up but what do I do about these balls.  I decide to get Sadie back to the room.  We opened to room door and Phoenix burst into the room yelling, “Mee Maw, Mee Maw, come quick.  Mee Maw come quick you got to see what Sadie did.”  I tried to calm him down and went on to explain to Cindy my wife what had just occurred.  We were both embarrassed and weren’t sure what to do.  But we had to go get breakfast for the kids.  As we were leaving Phoenix just had to show Mee Maw where this happened and what happened.  We were able to get Phoenix quiet as we walked past the poor maid that had a vacuum out cleaning up the hundreds of little white balls.  We went on to breakfast and had a good remainder of the day.  But as we came and went we were wondering if anyone knew if was us that mystically produced those little white balls.  We finally made it back to Jacksonville and were unpacking and I noticed little white balls on the floor under the bed we were using.  Upon further investigation I found a dead Beanie Baby stuffed animal.  Then it all made sense to me.  Sadie had eaten a beanie baby and must have done it the morning we were packing to head to Charlotte.  I called Cindy in to see and we just looked at each other and nodded.  Then came the familiar call out…. SADIE, what did you do?????  Head hung and big black eyes looking up as if to say, “I’m sorry, really, I didn’t mean it.”  Dogs were scarce at the dinner table that evening.


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