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Meet the Dogs

June 9, 2013

Before I post any further stories I believe introductions are in order.  First there was Smokey and Australian Shepard and Lab mix.  She was a very mild-tempered, loveable dog.  Smokey loved to be brought up to the house from her pen for special attention.  Then came Punky a Yorkie.  He LOVED his mommy, Cindy my wife.  He stuck to her like glue.  Then came Boomer, another Yorkie, a little bigger than Punky.  We always used to say that he heard voices and was a few bricks shy of a full load.  Full of unique personality however.  Then came Payton.  He was a Lab and Siberian Husky mix.  He loved to play but had a power struggle with Boomer, both trying to be dominate.  We did loose Smokey before getting Payton.  We didn’t have Payton too long, we lost him to chronic seizures at about 1 1/2 years old.  About this time my step-daughter got Asia, a long-haired Chihuahua.  She is known as the “woowoo dog”… stories to follow.  So we were back up to 3 dogs.  Then came Sadie, and she is a Lab and American Bulldog mix.  She has really turned out to be a fraidy-cat but very loving.  So now we are up to 4 dogs.  Well then came Bailey.  Bailey was dropped off in our neighborhood by some JERK.  His loss our gain.  Now the count is up to 5. Bailey is a Beagle mix, quite a change for us, and she did give us a nice surprise – 4 pups.  Can you believe – 9 dogs?? But not for long – all the pups found good homes.  Then we tragically lost Punky, down to 4.  Then along came Chief.   Chief is an Australian Shepard and Lab mix, however on the medium side.  Back up to 5 dogs.  We had to have Boomer put down this spring so that put us back to 4.  And when my step-daughter graduated from college she took Asia back to live with her.  So today we have 3 dogs currently with us, Sadie, Bailey, and Chief.  Each dog has their own personality and brings us their individual special love.  I will begin sharing stories and memories of each of our dogs, past and present.  I believe you will fall in love with them as you learn of them.  We don’t have your normal run of the mill dogs, wow would that be easy if we did.  I believe they feed off of each other so there is never a dull moment around our house.  During the time frame we had 5 dogs I called them the “Bumpus Dogs” taken from the pack of dogs which stole the Christmas turkey in the movie “A Christmas Story”.  I sit here and smile as memories flood my mind.  Well, I believe that is enough for today.  I hope you will return and enjoy my stories.  I’m sure you will laugh with me, cry with me, be reminded about unconditional love, and then you will go give your dog a hug.  Or you’ll remember one of the dogs you had during your life and smile as you go back in time and revisit those precious memories.  HEY, must be dinner time, the dogs are at the table!


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  1. Judy Ziberna permalink

    Dave, I really enjoyed hearing about all of your babies! Cindy keeps me informed of their antics. I got to play with Chief when he was a baby and cannot believe how big he has gotten. You’re not alone with having that many 4 legged babies! We have 6. Macy, a lab mix, caught our attention on the way home from Warm Springs. I thought it was just a trash bag but my daughter, Katie yelled “Mom you have to turn around”, of course I did! Macy was a bag of bones, had been beaten and abused and had everything a dog could have except heartworms. Now she is fat and sassy, still fearful though. We have a Shi-Poo named Emma, Emma is 8 and is a diabetic, we have a constant battle with my mom, who lives in her cottage behind our house, feeding her! She was really sick last week but after a Dr. friend of mine got me some IV fluids and I gave them to her, along with Phenergan shots and Pedialite she is now back to her spunky self! We have a toy poodle named Teddy, he’s my baby! Loves to go to Chik-fil-A on Saturday mornings, he is also very smart! We have a Shitzu named Maggie, and she and Teddy had a romp and gave us 5 babies, OOPS! She was to be spayed the next week. Well….we ended up keeping 2 of the puppies: Tank and Chloe. About 9 months later when she was scheduled to be spayed, my dear Mother let the two of them out at the same time and…6 puppies!!!!! OMGosh, We got them all really great homes with family and friends but no more babies from our girls!!!

    I truly cannot understand how people can just throw away animals like they were mere trash! Cindy has become a friend and I keep up with your health every week! I hope you will soon be feeling much better! I teased Cindy to sneak in on you after you take your “Pill” with a black light and squeal and tell you that you were glowing!

    Take Care!!


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