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Where is my bed today

June 8, 2013
Is this bed ok?

Is this bed ok?

Boomer was a unique dog believing he was human and deserved human things like a stroller ride.  We had purchased a stroller for a grandchild and left it in the front room.  Within a day or two upon entering the room what else did I see but Boomer laying in the stroller like a child.  Yes Boomer found a new bed to lay in.  Finding places to lay was one of Boomers specialties.  Let me see if I can recall all the places Boomer found to lay.  He loved the laundry basket in the laundry room.  The more clothing in the basket the better.  Sometimes he would burrow down in the clothes and all you would see was his head sticking up from the clothing.  He loved going in there if it was time for us to leave and he knew it was time to go into the cage.  “Where is Boomer, I cannot find him”, my wife would say.  And my response would be, “Try looking in the laundry basket Dear.”  Sure enough, there was Boomer.  One time Cindy, my wife, captured some photos for me to view when I arrived home from work. “Come here and see where YOUR dog was today”, she said.  As she handed me the camera she had a grin on her face.  I powered up the camera and began viewing the unique personality of Boomer.  He was laying inside the dryer.  Of course the door was open.  He was content and happy enjoying the warm towels that were laying within the dryer.  I just shook my head.  “Yep, that is boomer” was my response.  One time after opening the bottom drawer on the cabinet in the bathroom and turning around for 5 seconds Boomer hopped into the drawer and was sitting there looking stupid.  Oh yeah, there was the time we had a rather large box of items in the kitchen.  I don’t remember what exactly was in the box, but we heard this sound and looked and Boomer had jumped up over the top of the box and into it.  There he sat with those big eyes looking up at us as if to say, “Well you put this here for me to get into didn’t you?”  Oh yeah, we have 2 large shelving units in our dining room.  One day we were looking in all the usual hiding places for Boomer but could not find him.  After searching the house over several times I finally found him.  He was laying on the second shelf up in that shelving unit.  The look on his face was as if he was saying, “So I got you this time didn’t I.”  Silly dog.  Well, we miss Boomer.  We had to have him put down this spring due to spreading tumors in his body.  Each and every time I go into the laundry room I can still see his face looking up at me from those loved laundry basket.


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